Excluded - Jean-Jacques (Nightmare in the Kitchen, Epoye, M6): "I didn't want to do this show but Philippe Echist was good to me"

Excluded – Jean-Jacques (Nightmare in the Kitchen, Epoye, M6): “I didn’t want to do this show but Philippe Echist was good to me”

Benoit Mandin: This Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 10:55 PM, M6 will rebroadcast a mission Philip Echibest At your restaurant “Au Soleil d’Or” located in Eboue in the Marne. What is your assessment of your time in kitchen nightmare ?

Jean-Jacques: It was useful, but only on the condition of the disadvantages that we may have had with the health crisis and the health passage. We got caught in the wrong period… Filmed in September 2020. After that, things started to speed up again. We had to close after a month. The government brought back the ban on drinking by standing in the pub… It didn’t do us much good. kitchen nightmare It made me known and brought customers to quick sale. There is a lot I have fixed that I haven’t seen since the end of confinement.

Do you regret your participation in kitchen nightmare ?

My son Johan called Philip Eichebest because I was having a lot of trouble. I was hesitant to share kitchen nightmare. I had to put my pride aside. I didn’t want to do this show. Johann told his mother first, who did not dare to tell me immediately. She knows I am a very proud person. It bothered me a bit to reveal my life. After that I agreed and do not regret it. It was a good experience!

“On TV, Philip Eichebest plays a villain when he’s not”

Have you been in touch with Philip Eichebest?

With production, I had little contact at first. Philip Echibest called me several times in person. I haven’t heard from him in nearly a year. I think he should wait “what happened to them?” On TV, Philip Eichebest plays a villain when he’s not. If he comes here to smile at us, and pats us on the back, it’s no use. He seems mean like that, but he’s a very humane and kind person. He’s a good person.

During an interview with Toutatele to re-broadcast your previous passage in kitchen nightmareYou have indicated that you have experienced great financial difficulties…

I had late payments for VAT and taxes. As a result, I was not entitled to any of the government aid provided to restaurants during the health crisis. Since the beginning of my first reservation, I applied for help paying my rent. I was given 1500€ twice, which they demanded from me because they realized that I am not aware of VAT.

Did this cause you any problems while filming kitchen nightmare ?

Yes, because my landlord called production to tell him I had rent arrears. I had asked him for a 24 month clearance plan. It was declined when I had already started paying. The owner couldn’t find anything better than breaking my leg. I would like to extend my sincere thanks and congratulations to the team kitchen nightmare. They are great people, they put you at ease. They lift your spirits when they’re usually not there for that.

“I have regained the taste of my job and I am trying my best to please everyone”

What is the status of your restaurant “Au Soleil d’Or” today?

It’s a little rough, but it’s starting over. There are days when you’ll make ten covers and the next day you’ll make five. Monday is a little hollow. Sometimes it can be seven or eight caps. But I have a better average for me. We are making a lot of efforts that are starting to pay off a little bit. Unlike some, we are always open. I got a taste of my job and I’m trying my best to please everyone.

Is your son Johan still part of the “Au Soleil d’Or” team?

No, because since the health crisis and confinement, I have done it without his services. I only do outdoor meals. Work to rise. Johan has set up a self-service company, which is not a bad start. He comes to help me when I plan big meals.

What has changed since the passing of Philip Echebest?

I’m back to good cooking. I make traditional cuisine that pleases. The comments, which are left on our site, testify to this: “ welcome “,” Tasty “…I’ve changed my menu a bit since we arrived on sunny days. There are salads. I always have a plate of the day and make two or three grills. I limit myself. I don’t make a big card. I prefer it to be smaller and attract everyone.”

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