"The Black Well and Photography" - Eye of Photography Magazine

“The Black Well and Photography” – Eye of Photography Magazine

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We have all heard, at one time or another, of the innumerable, invisible black holes that would account for the bulk of the supposed mass of our known universe. These phenomena are manifested in the absence of light that distinguishes them. For light lovers, let us specify that a plausible explanation is the absorption and concentration of matter faster than the speed of light. The strange signature that is supposed to exist without being visible, Saint Thomas, is not far away! There are many anomalies that are only hypothesized with activity; But we only measure its effective effects and interests after so many doubts. As for the tale, we just learned that one of these secret black holes – it could have been imaged for the first time by the last telescopic gem sent into space a few days ago. Long live the photography that captures the complete disappearance of light!

Block chains are built to some extent in the same order of ideas, a kind of completely immaterial system that makes it possible to transfer or lock more or less confidential information on a dedicated digital line. The system includes types of outlets that allow the average person to perform miraculous operations. The interest of this operating system lies, behind the screen only, in the false anonymity of the processes taking place in the meanders of the circuit and outside the natural or social organizations of the planet. The first implementation and operation, and currently the most important procedure under this system, is undoubtedly the creation of synthetic digital currencies. These gems (Bitcoin, Ether and Co.) used to allow exchanges (swap type) with more flexibility and without any restrictions (except for basic password saving). You know the rest, it’s one of the most incredible speculations, so bewildering and completely irrational that current scams risk upsetting humanity’s psychological system.

This little introduction seemed essential to me to set the mood and understand what the photographic work of this sacred kitchen had done. The NFT (non-replaceable token or non-fungible token) really makes it possible to define a virtual numeric set (virtual is used far from its meaning, I prefer imperceptible). Business, business, everyone (money and speculation, of course) rushes and ecstasy before this newness that will come down from heaven (from God the Father) the eagerly awaited manna. The serious downside is that financial abundance does not come from hard work; But, it is total speculation. The top that amuses me is accessing this circuit of virtual circulating wine bottles; And seeing its price go out of bounds without leaving the screen. This saves those precious and elusive flasks from getting broken, and from becoming hot and painful. The initiator has promised that the real bottles will be replaced when these imaginary clones are turned off.

Contemporary creations were not immune to this reductionist wave. Photography hastened to try to take first place (as if the number of places is limited in imagination and imagination!). A number of pseudo-creators who do not have enough confidence in their work to face it in front of their audience have rushed into this magical world. An image file is installed on a server (actually a large number) and locked by a token allowing the access token holder to claim ownership of that work. Remember that this image is completely immaterial and can only be visualized from the front of the monitor. I imagine a little genius in creativity who can’t really master the camera properly is able to master blockchain. What about safety rules? Who holds the moral rights? How many originals are in global computer chaos? How can conversions and possible uses be ensured? How do we avoid piracy that is also forms of creativity from people far more talented than most photo authors, even delightfully baptized works? Who determines the true interest of this or that creation? etc. We already see a lot of anything in today’s embodied image, I leave you to imagine the impoverishment of this ruthless race to the bottom. The upside attraction is limited to the bank accounts (fortunately often fictitious as well) of vulgar managers.

In conclusion, the origin of this dating comes from a friend who has a boy about fifteen years old who accidentally discovers a frantic activity in his adolescence. After a small investigation and discussion with his descendants, he discovered that the latter had become a wise specialist in the NFT art market. This emerging medium regularly and with financial distinction, buys fictional works (street graphics, photographs, drawings, etc.) from authors seeking recognition, for resale, within two months at the most, by multiplying the prices by three. As you understand, the operation is done only by moving the code. Anything for anyone, anywhere and at any cost.

What is the world of dreams and ambition that connects digitization? I don’t even mention the DarkNet (the dark side of things).

Thierry MindaultJune 17, 2022

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