Tomorrow is ours: What awaits you in Episode 1207 for Tuesday, June 14, 2022 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow is ours: What awaits you in Episode 1207 for Tuesday, June 14, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of Tomorrow Is Ours… As Stanislas plots to kidnap Leo, Bart needs reassurance. Nour and Cedric put an end to their story.

Watch out, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for tomorrow’s episode of Our King on Monday night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Tuesday 14 June Tomorrow is ours…

Stanislas plans to defeat the lion

Sebastian calls his daughter to convince her to file a complaint against Stanislas. The latter, who had heard the end of their conversation, took this opportunity to promise her that he would never hurt her again. After he apologized to her for the violence with her, the captain admitted that he had not met her by chance. In fact, he knew very well that a brilliant lawyer could give him custody of Leo. If he had the intent to manipulate her, it would make her think that their meeting had changed everything. Since she finds it hard to believe, Stanislas assures us that he loves her and says he is ready to change out of love for her.

Meanwhile, Audrey is trying to figure out what Leo wants for his birthday. When he replies that he’d like to meet his father, she promises to see what she can do.

For her part, Sarah was able to identify the person who made the transfer to Stanislas’ bank account. It’s for sure Yannick Derin, a young entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce. Since she cannot reach him, the policewoman waits for him to call her back to understand the reason for the money. Sebastian tells Sarah that Raphael admitted to her that Stanislas had raised a hand on her but that she refused to file a complaint. In the face of her ordeal, the young woman assured her that all was not lost and Sebastian sincerely thanked her for her participation in this investigation.

Later, Audrey meets Sophie and then tells her to request Leo. Although she rules out getting to know his father, the mother of the family fears that doing so will damage his profile. Then the lawyer makes her understand that accepting this meeting would be the best way for her to prove her goodwill. According to her, Audrey must show that she puts the child’s best interests before any other consideration. So helping Leo learn about his past would be a positive for his adoption profile.

Not far from there, Raphael apologizes to Chloe for being a different person lately. Deeply moved, the lawyer reveals that Stanislas has been violent towards her on several occasions. Although she realizes that she should leave him, she unfortunately cannot. Still in love with him so much, she wants to give their story a chance, sure he’ll change eventually. Despite realizing that her daughter is in danger, she asks Chloe to take her home for a while, but Camille has no intention of leaving her mother alone with a dangerous man.

In the afternoon, Audrey and Leo visit Raphael and Stanislas. Don’t trust him, Audrey attends their meeting. Since the current is going well with his son, Stanislas later made it clear to Raphael that he wanted to have sole custody of Leo. To do this, the lawyer advised him to go see the shrunken to show that he wanted to find a stable and balanced home for his son. However, Stanislas takes it poorly and violently grabs her by the throat. Fortunately, Camille returns home at this time, encouraging Stanislas to go get some fresh air to clear his mind. Raphael was frightened, then grabbed a kitchen knife she was hiding in her jacket.

In the evening, Audrey told her children that Stanislas had released the wonderful game of a perfect dad. Knowing full well that he will do anything to get what he wants, Audrey fears that guardianship will be snatched from him. For Jordan, that would never happen and he swears they won’t let it happen.

parallel, Yannick DIrene He calls Stanislas because he wants to know why the police are trying to contact him about the bank transfer. Stanislas then determines that there is no explanation because he sold him a boat in perfect condition. After the call ended, the captain found a man in the port and told him that he wished to proceed with his voyage to Tangiers. So the departure was scheduled for the following evening. Stanislas has no intention of leaving him alone as he intends to take his son with him.

Bart needs reinsurance

Roxanne is in the middle of the ovulation period. A slightly nervous Bart wonders if he will have to make love to his friend to have this baby, but the latter immediately assures him that he won’t.

Next, Bart joins his mother in the hospital to tell her the good news. Knowing that she is worried about him, the young man wants to reassure her and ensure that he will not make this child forget Louise. According to him, this project is useful for Sarah and Roxanne but also for him. When Marianne arrives, Bart reveals that he will be the father of Sarah and Roxanne’s child. An advertisement that Dr. Delcourt does not see very favorably because she is afraid her friends will use it. Although she thinks it is a bad idea, she still wishes happiness for her grandson.

At the end of the day, Bart confides in Sarah about his concerns as a future parent. In fact, he realizes that in the eyes of the law, he will not officially be the father of their child. Therefore, he is afraid that he will not have rights over the child if things go wrong between them. Then Sarah promised him that she would never deprive their child of his father.

Noor and Cedric finish their story

Having spent an excellent Christmas weekend with his children, Cedric arranges to meet Noor. Although he hadn’t heard from her for two days, the young woman agreed to see him during the day to make things right.

At The Spoon, I later ask him if he spends quality time with his kids. The nurse answers yes and then determines that he needs it. It must be said that Angie, Lillian, and Jahia have made life difficult for him since he was with the nurse. So this weekend was a chance for him to reconnect. If she understands, Noor on the other hand thinks they can’t go on like this. While the nurse would like to give them a second chance, the girl Bidar unfortunately doesn’t believe it. That’s why I decided to put an end to their story before they hated each other.

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