Netflix news: Thor in the director of Top Gun 2 and the expected third season of Umbrella Academy

Netflix news: Thor in the director of Top Gun 2 and the expected third season of Umbrella Academy

Discover, thanks to AlloCiné, the movies and series that will be released on Netflix between June 17 and 23!

Week essentials!

Umbrella Academy Season 3 (June 22): The series about a dysfunctional super family returns for a third season as the children of the Hargreeves disrupt the timeline and are plunged into an alternate reality where their adoptive father creates not the Umbrella Academy but the Sparrow Academy, which they will have to face!

This season will also be an opportunity for Elliot Page’s character to appear transgender in the image of his translator: Vanya Victor.

Friday 17 June

Silenced: The Martha Mitchell Effect: This documentary focuses on the wife of the United States Attorney General during the Nixon administration. Martha Mitchell had exposed the Watergate scandal before action was taken to silence it.

Neighborhood Brawl, Season Two: The Mexican sitcom returns for a new season with more neighborhood feuds between the Lopez family and the Espinosa family.

Hey, Season 2: The Indian series in which a shy Mumbai policewoman must infiltrate a drug network returns with new episodes. Torn between duty and desire after swearing allegiance to drug lord Nayak, the heroine explores her new sexual freedom at the same time as her dark side.

you do not know me: Created by screenwriter Judy and already broadcast on BBC, this dramatic thriller tells how a man accused of murder and who claims his innocence uses his plea to tell his love story with a mysterious woman.

spider: Barely a few weeks after the release of Top Gun: Maverick, director Joseph Kosinski is already back. This time around it offers a sci-fi thriller that Chris Hemsworth wears in the skin of a visionary scientist who runs a prison where inmates, including Jeff (Miles Teller, who is actually in Top Gun 2), can practice their submissions to participate in experiments to test new emotion-altering drugs.

Saturday 18 June

Spurgeon: Adapted from the Japanese manga series of the late 80s, this animated series revolves around Agent Spriggan who, after finding the remains of an alien civilization, must make sure their dangerous power doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Sunday 19 June

Civilian: Ben Crump in the Service of Justice: This documentary follows Ben Crump, a rebellious civil rights attorney, who files a lawsuit seeking justice for the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Le Diem (catalog): While Incredible But True has just arrived in theaters, Netflix has added another Quentin Dupieux movie, Le Daim, to its catalog, in which Jean Dujardin is obsessed with his fringed suede jacket. Also with Adèle Haenel in the cast.

Monday 20 June

love disaster In this romantic Turkish drama, a lost, bankrupt publicist falls in love with a bar singer during a yoga retreat and embarks on a personal investigation with her.

Tuesday June 21

What future for… With the help of experts, this innovative documentary series explores new and emerging technology trends to imagine game-changing possibilities.

Wednesday June 22

Love and Gelato: A romantic comedy in which Lina promises her sick mother a summer before she enters university in Rome, where she loves the city, the people… and the local ice cream.

In the skin of our animals: With this documentary series, discover amazing creatures from around the world and the latest scientific discoveries about the senses and abilities of our animal friends.

The Black Snake: The Legend of the Black Snake (Catalogue): Thomas Njigol and Carol Rocher rose to the stage in this comedy after Clotaire Sangala who returns to his motherland, in Africa, after years in Paris. There, the Black Snake, a very disguised and faltering superhero, would become the liberator of the people against the dictator Hezekiah.

Thursday 23 June

queen : Polish drama series, Quinn tells how, after 50 years of absence, a famous Parisian tailor, who is also a drag queen, returns to his hometown of Poland in the hope that his daughter will forgive him.

It is already available and not to be missed!

Peaky Blinders, Season 6: The final season of Peaky Blinders arrived last week on Netflix. Don’t miss the Shelby clan’s last stand, where Tommy turns to the opium trade, forcing him to ally with his worst enemy…

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