Here it all begins: What awaits you in Episode 423 for Thursday, June 16, 2022 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: What awaits you in Episode 423 for Thursday, June 16, 2022 [SPOILERS]

On the next episode of “Here It All Begins”… Teyssier fired the early years arriving late for a culinary test and convinced Rose Clotilde to be co-director of his master’s degree. As for Charlene, she has a fit of jealousy.

Watch out, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for an episode here The whole broadcast starts tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Thursday 16 June Here it all begins …

Tayseer launches its first flight late

Teyssier does not take off and intends to punish first-year behavior. Besides arriving late after partying all night, they served their worst dish of the year. Clotilde tries to defend them. According to her, the students punished themselves by getting bad grades. But this is not enough to facilitate. That is why he decided to expel the concerned students. Clotilde tries to dissuade him but Emmanuel refuses to listen to her. He has made up his mind.

In Double A, first-year Teyssier explains how to audition for Hall. The exam will be conducted during the service from noon until weakness A, where no less than excellence is expected from them. While the students are preparing for the change, the director makes another announcement: students who have arrived on time for the culinary exam will be able to take part in the room test, and the others are immediately expelled from the institute. Angry at her decision, Jasmine and Tom try to defend their case. without result. Diva is speechless.

Subsequently, Jasmine is still upset. Axl offers to speak to his uncle to try to calm the situation but his girlfriend refuses as it would not be fair to his friends. Deva joins them. She is still angry at Amber who has not interacted with Teyssier. The student believes that she could at least have taken her share of the responsibility. According to her, Amber does not deserve to take the hall exam and intends to sabotage her exam. Axl tries to change her mind, but Deva looks for Tom to explain her idea.

Amber is about to start her audition when she notices that her shirt smells of wine. Claiming to be a “girl problem,” Lisandro gives him five minutes to go and change. By meeting Lionel in the locker room, Amber shares her suspicions with him. In fact, the latter believes that her comrades have retaliated by pouring wine on her shirt. Since she could not find additional clothes, Lionel loaned her his shirt.

In parallel, Suleiman finds a Deva who ends up confessing to him that she had put herself in this situation after she saw him kiss Amber. In turn, Solomon told him that his girlfriend was an idea to get her to interact. If her idea succeeds, Deva asks her not to be overjoyed because she will have to go back to India. Then Deva confesses that she does not want to go back there or marry Vikash.

During the test, Lisandro and Facilitator carefully watch the students. Although Kelly wasn’t very comfortable, she managed to calm down and earned 14 points. On the other hand, Amber made a great transmission. While Lisandro wants to give her 16, Emmanuel cuts her score in half because she can’t manage her uniform.

For his part, Suleiman tries to persuade his brother to respond to Tayseer. Antoine knows the director well, and he knows very well that if it happened now, it would only make things worse. According to him, Emmanuel will eventually realize that he is missing out on very good items. If he understands his son’s concerns about Deva, Antoine promises to defend all the students and then advises him to stay out of the limelight.

In the locker room, Amber meets Tom who has come to collect his things. The young man admits that he smeared his shirt before the test and then determines that the idea came from someone else. Amber finds it unfair for her classmates to try to sabotage her exam when she does nothing. Tom feels that she should have shown solidarity by refusing to share in the ordeal or by starting a movement. Since she had done nothing, Tom made her understand that she shouldn’t be surprised by the loss of all her friends. And to clarify, it is in these moments that we discover the true nature of people. Leaves Amber on the verge of tears.

Rose convinces Clotilde to be co-director of The Masters

Rose tries to persuade Clotilde to consider creating a master’s degree at the institute. While her sister still thinks it’s a bad idea, Rose insists and explains that the students will develop their professional project while continuing to perfect their technique. Moreover, the faculty will not have to worry about the extra workload because he will be holding master classes with guest chefs. Clotilde, tired of listening to her sister, reminds her that she is just the school liaison, and nothing more. Rose can’t stand her observation and doesn’t intend to break down in front of her anymore. This master, you will create it whether you like it or not.

Rose Antoine tells of her disastrous conversation with Clotilde. She thinks the master is not the real problem but the idea came from her. To reassure her, Rose intends to give her sister a role in this new course. For Antoine, their cooperation may be complicated because managing a master’s degree is not easy. He fears that she will overburden herself with the task.

Later, Rose found Clotilde to discuss more calmly. If Rose has the impression that her sister is in principle, Clotilde is tired of everyone taking her as a maniac in the service. After acknowledging that she had been unfair to her, the professor noted that she had made many sacrifices since her father’s death, including her own by giving up the management of the institute. She even agreed to include Louis. So Clotilde feels the loss of her inheritance. Now his sister is trying to take over the curriculum when that is the only thing left for her. Rose asserts that it is not her interest at all and offers her to co-lead the master. Clotilde ends with acceptance.

Charlene has a scary attack

This morning, Celia does not want to leave her bed. She offered Theo to stay with her and came up with a false excuse for not attending for A’s character. For her boyfriend, there is no doubt that he left the restaurant at the last minute. Celia ends up admitting to him that she no longer feels like she’s learning much in school and that she misses her internship with Chef Cyrus. To motivate her, Theo offers her to be her second in Double A until the end of the week, which she happily accepts.

The decision is far from charming Charlene. In fact, Théo continues to favor his girlfriend even though she has never held this job. As she tries to understand why he insists on taking Celia, Theo refuses to answer her.

A little later, Charlene told her father about the situation. Remind him of the rule: the chef should prefer the last years in this position. If she can’t turn things around in her favour, the young woman hopes her father can make Theo listen to reason.

Tayseer lectures his son. He shouldn’t prefer Celia because she’s his girlfriend. This is not the case, Theo asserts, explaining that he has already selected other students for the position. While trying to explain to his father the reasons for this choice, Emmanuel forces him to take Charlene tomorrow as second in the restaurant.

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