The Perfect Man with Didier Bourdon: The Amazing Physical Transformation of His Partner

The Perfect Man with Didier Bourdon: The Amazing Physical Transformation of His Partner

In The Perfect Man, in theaters on June 22, Didier Bourdon has to face a troublesome robot being stalked by a mutant Pierre-François-Martin Laval. Special effects or intense physical preparation? We have the answer!

After building permits, which garnered nearly 600,000 viewers last March, Didier Bourdon returned to the big screen in The Perfect Man on June 22.

Directed by Xavier Durringer (La Conquête), this comedy tells the story of Florence, portrayed by Valérie Karsenti.

Overshadowed by her family life and work, she decides to buy a robot with a human appearance and perfect physique. He meets all his expectations: home maintenance, childcare, and more.

But the robot, named Bobby (PEF), will quickly stir up jealousy in Frank (Didier Bourdon), her unemployed actor husband.

Fearing losing his wife, Frank decides to take matters into his own hands, especially since the robot seems to find malicious pleasure in causing problems in their relationship!

ken robot

Director Xavier Durringer wanted him to be a tall, muscular and attractive blond robot with a beaming smile and beautiful blue eyes through which he could look directly at his interlocutors.

Plus, the director wanted a robot as fit as Ken, the muscular fiancé of Barbie doll!

“When it was ‘designed’, we had the pleasure of inventing functions for it. We gave it the ability to speak all languages ​​and perform a thousand tasks, household then another, more glamorous, playing bowling or chess”identifies the director in the press file.

“We even invented clothes for him for every circumstance, selling them blanket. In fact, we tried to make him a ‘perfect’ evolutionary human, as he feasts on new human expressions as he goes. To develop new skills.He says.

Intensive PEF . training

To interpret the Uman 3 robot, Pierre-François Martin-Laval has already undergone extensive training in addition to make-up sessions. No special effects added in post-production, the artist really upped the cast!

The actor did it the old-fashioned way at home. To find the streak of the young man and rebuild the bodybuilder of the athlete, he mainly ate chicken breasts: Like I saw Stallone do in Rocky.He says

The actor started out doing 100 push-ups on the first day and added ten more every day, bringing him on D-Day up to 350 push-ups!

“I gained muscle mostly from my daughters who sat on my back while pressing! And for the first time in my life – because I don’t usually like people watching me at work – I trained to play in front of them”He says.

“When they started paying attention to what I was doing, I thought to myself I was on the right track. I was moving slowly and talking to them in a voice that I had stupidly tuned in to GPS sounds, these voices that aren’t out of tune but are mechanical and take the place of French accents.

I said “Good morning” to my daughters, and asked them what they wanted, considering that I was on their orders. This made them insanely happy. Especially if they ask me for ice cream, before sitting down to eat. Since I had to comply, their mother didn’t always agree!trusts the person nicknamed PEF.

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PEF like robot Bobby

pain threshold

However, this harsh training was not the most difficult for Pierre-François-Martin Laval. The most painful thing was the waxing of my entire upper body, back, chest, arms and shoulders.

“Being quite hairy, the ordeal of waxing, which I had to go through three times, was a martyrdom. I was thinking hard about women and the old saying ‘You have to suffer to be beautiful!'” (laughs) But the hardest thing for me was learning not to blink.

On a daily basis, I can’t wear contact lenses but unfortunately for being Bobby, I had to wear them all day and keep my eyes staring and wide open for endless minutes”The 53-year-old actress reveals.

To close his eyes and comfort himself, PEF eagerly waited for opportunities to turn his back to the camera. In addition, the actor did not wear a mask. Thanks to the magic of makeup, her face looks as if it was painted with wax.

“Makeup sessions took 2 hours. The makeup artist deserves commendation. She literally did something for me that I used in the ’90s for Madame Doubtfire with Robin Williams. To erase my wrinkles, she gave me skin from the skull with rubber bands attached behind the head and neck with a ribbon. A very covered wig, on Kane’s way, he hid it all.”Explain the actor.

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Once that gear was in place, and completed with gloves and a skin-tight jumpsuit, PEF became Bobby. When he played, even if he struggled a little, he was Happy as Pope. The native of Marseille felt like a child, which he was when he wanted to become a clown.

“I told myself that I was doing an unusual exercise that I probably wasn’t ready to do again and that I had to make the most of it. The only scene that was hard for me to bear was the first, when they had to lock me in a box, like a gift box.”

Because I’m stuffy! But the group’s reaction when I was released and started walking made me instantly forget my discomfort. Seeing Bobby’s sudden impact on my little buddies filled me with joy.”concludes Pierre Francois Martin Laval.

The Perfect Man arrives in theaters June 22.

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