Jean-Louis Trentinant dies: The phenomenal French actor has died at the age of 91

Jean-Louis Trentinant dies: The phenomenal French actor has died at the age of 91

Jean-Louis Trintignant died on June 17 at the age of 91. Caesar’s Actor with 140 roles, he had recently portrayed Michael Haneke’s “Love” and “Happy End”. He will remain a man of “a man and a woman” by Claude Lelouch.


Jean-Louis Trintignant has died at the age of 91. Theatrical actor, director of two feature films, and actor in 140 films, he has won the Silver Bear for Best Actor for The Lying Man (1968), and the Interpretation Award for Cannes for Z (1969) and César for Love (2012).

ETUDES et theater

The nephew of Maurice Trentinant, a racing driver, who passed on his passion to him, the young Jean-Louis Trentinant studied law at the College of Aix-en-Provence. But on his 19th birthday, he attended a theater show that would change his life: miser, directed by Charles Doolin, who decided to attend his classes in Paris. The young man first started on the board in 1951 with the play Each one according to his hungerthe actor quickly gets noticed, thanks in particular LIMITED LIABILITYa text written by Robert Hussain, in 1953. At this time, he did a short stint at IDHEC, with the ambition of becoming a filmmaker – a desire that would only come true twenty years later.

First movie roles

After a few appearances, Jean-Louis Trentinant’s first film was If All the Guys in the World (1955), but the one that revealed him was And God Created Vadim’s Woman, a hardcore drama that launched the Bardot legend. He marked his two years in military service in Algeria, finding one of his first major roles in 1961 in Le Combat dans l’ile, a work committed by Cavalier. His flair for ambiguous characters will also make him shoot many great political films, z From Costa-Gavras (his formation as a judge earned him an Interpretation Award at Cannes in 1969) to Bertolucci’s “compliant” – one of the pinnacles of his Italian career, which also includes Risi’s Le Fanfaron or Scola’s La Terrasse.

New Wave Star

It was with a man and a woman by Lelouch that the actor achieved star status in 1966. Catholicism was tempted to betrayal in Ma nuit chez Maud by Rohmer, who was manipulated into Le Mouton’s wrath of Deville, a real estate agent suspected of murder on Strong Sunday! From Truffaut, he cycles through the most innovative cinema and film genres for the general public. Berlin Interpretation Award for the man who lies By Robbe-Grillet, the actor participates in the story Whodunit Flic by Deray and in Bon Plaisir by Girod, where he plays a President of the Republic inspired by François Mitterrand. With his meticulous acting, with a depth tinged with irony, Jean-Louis Trentinant, whose velvety voice is a precious asset, stands out as one of the greatest actors of his generation.

During the second half of the 1980s, Trintignant filmed the dramas of Régis Wargnier (La Femme de ma vie), Jacques Doillon (yes or no), or André Téchiné (Rendez-vous). However, he returned to the thrillers of Pierre Granier-Diever (The Man with the Silver Eyes), as well as Jacques Audiard (Watch Men Fall).

early retirement

Married to Stéphane Audran and then to Nadine Marquand, Jean-Louis Trintignant made several films under the latter’s supervision, often alongside their daughter Marie, who would also become his featured partner in the theatre. Since the end of the eighties, the actor, retired in his home in Uzis, said that he was tired of the cinema, and became a rarity on the screens. His performance as a man-hating old man in three colors – red for Kislovsky or Those Who Love Me Will Take the Train by Chéreau, are all deeply disturbing.

However, he agreed to shoot in 2002 with his daughter, in Janice and John, Samuel Benchetritt’s first feature film. Ten years later, Michael Haneke offered him the main role in his new movie, Amor. In this drama that was awarded the Palme d’Or at Cannes, the actor plays George, an 80-year-old whose wife has just had a stroke and finds herself paralyzed. After 5 years, the actor found the Austrian director to shoot Happy End, iInstant from a European bourgeois family.

In 2019, Claude Lelouch and Anouk found Amy in the most beautiful years of his life, the third act of the Man and Woman series.

“Happy End”, Jean-Louis Trintignant’s latest film:

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