The 10 Best TV Clips Of The 2000s That Didn't Last, It's A Bit Problem |  Tobito

The 10 Best TV Clips Of The 2000s That Didn’t Last, It’s A Bit Problem | Tobito

we know them, “It was better than before” and the “We can’t say anything else.”And we can understand that some feel overwhelmed by the new standards (even if you have to move on to guys). But when we rewatch TV from the 2000s and see some quite problematic snippets, telling ourselves no, it wasn’t necessarily better to be able to do it all and say it all. We gained quite a bit of exchange. A little more.

1. Rocco Siffredire sexually assaulting Cecil de Minibus on Kuwait TV

Forcing a woman to be put in a humiliating position to show everyone her thong is really heartbreaking, but when it’s done under the cries of « Fez-way Rocco sors ta kekette, we get to the core of the disgusting. This excerpt is one of the worst things we’ve seen on TV. truly.

2. Jean Pascal who complimented Jennifer’s thong in Star AC’

We will remember this wonderful intervention: “I’ll eat your thong more than your ass”. We don’t even understand the meaning of that sentence, but whatever happens, it’s not jojo and it would be hard to see that on TV today.

3. Jamal Debbouze who forcibly accepts a candidate in a burger competition

Yes, the candidate laughs, but she laughs because she is very embarrassed and does not dare to pack a famous guy in front of other stars as well as hundreds of thousands of viewers. Her only way out was to pretend to be amused and try her best to avoid Jamal’s kisses. It is very difficult to see him today.

4. Mario from Star Ac who asks if his shirt is ‘not too punk’

And Jean Pascal, who came after him, asks him: “Aren’t you poor?”

We have forgotten how homophobia was normalized on television before.

5. Patrick Devdjian calls Annemarie Comarini a slut

While UMP’s Michel Havard eliminated outgoing Representative Anne-Marie Comarini of the Department of Democracy in the legislative elections, Patrick Devdjian came to congratulate him with an announcement: “This is the one who beat Anne-Marie Comarini! He made a splash!” Before adding: “That bitch!” international class.

6. Leo physically attacks FX in a secret story

The most scandalous thing is that a quarrel occurred between the two men, but the fact that we broadcast all this on a public channel without asking any questions. In any case, reality TV at the time was, in general, overly problematic.

7. The ordeal of the pipes at Fort Boyard

It has since been removed for obvious reasons of sexism, but before that no one was shocked to have sex with chicks splintering in a position to have their breasts well photographed. We haven’t really seen the problematic side of the thing.

8. When Luana and Jean-Edouard slept in the loft story pool

The mere fact that these images could once be shown on the screens is quite quirky. It didn’t help Luana to have a balanced life after that.

9. This embarrassing intervention by François in All Star AC.

Blacks raise their hands, North Africans raise their hands, The French Hands up, Asians raise your hands…”

The poor guy wanted to do a good job and convey a message of forgiveness, but he did it in the worst possible way, which is really painful when we see him again today.

10. Almost every presentation is in the next one

The presentations are mainly based on ass and cliched ideas about girls, guys, gays and lesbians. Trash TV as we knew how to do at the time.

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