Nightmare in the Kitchen (M6): Netizens were touched by Gabriel, son of restaurateur Raphal who called Philip Etchebest

Nightmare in the Kitchen (M6): Netizens were touched by Gabriel, son of restaurateur Raphal who called Philip Etchebest

Faced with the approach taken by Gabriel, 12, to help his father save his restaurant, M6 viewers were touched and made it known on Twitter.

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We know this: Keeping a restore location isn’t always straightforward. Some people find themselves at a crossroads in their lives, and sometimes they need a little help. This Wednesday at M6, this is the first we’ve seen in kitchen nightmare. While it is usually the restaurant owners who ask the chef Philip Echibest To come and help them out of their difficulties, this week, it was a little boy who took the step to help his father. At the age of 12, young Gabriel was so distraught to see his father causing trouble at his restaurant in the Loire Atlantic that he took the initiative and called the M6 ​​broadcast. Philip Echebesti transfer request.

“Dad smiles less”

Gabriel’s father is Rafael, 48 years old. Cheerful in appearance, he is the director of a working-class enterprise that was successful when it opened but is now facing difficulties. The man does not pay himself a salary and debt and no longer runs his restaurant. The fact that the child noticed: “Before things worked out so well, my father worked a lot on cutlery. Now he does much less. Since the restaurant is out of business, I find that my dad is less happy than before. smiles less. We used to play but now we don’t do anything. On weekends we stay at home, doing nothing. I would like to find him as before.”He explained in front of the chef before setting out in front of the camera.

“It touches me more.”

“My father is disappointed. It is not great to see your father sad. When I see him so sad, I feel sad. I want my dad to be happy“, Child regret. Meilleur Ouvrier de France was alarmed by the grief expressed by Gabriel: “There are often stories that affect the family, but I think it’s the first time a child has asked to come. So it obviously affects me the most.”He was captured while promising to do his best to help him. And he wasn’t the only one affected by the little boy’s words. On Twitter, M6 viewers online felt the same emotion in this little boy’s face, willing to do anything to help his father. “Very beautiful,” “Gabriel.” Ripe and hard cabbage“, “unbelievable, Impressive and beautifulthey wrote in particular.

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