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We’ve already met “We Got Married at First Sight” before: Damien and Pauline verses

INTERVIEW – The happiness within the couple formed in the M6 ​​romance has rarely been so tangible as that of Marseillais. 77% are compatible According to experts, two young men in their thirties fall in love more than ever.

The story between Damien and Pauline in “Married at First Sight” is a modern-day fairy tale. The person who celebrated his 38th birthday on June 11th had been single for two years when he met the attractive nurse in Gibraltar. Their strong and sincere desire to find love, backed by the enthusiasm of their families, turned their 77% compatibility into a complete success. “You don’t need us anymore, everything is going well”At the end of the evaluation, expert Estelle Dossin replied. “We’re almost at 97%”caught the attention of her colleague Pascal de Sutter.

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Le Figaro. – What is the reason for your registration in “Married at First Sight”?
Damian. –
Les années passent et un matin, on se réveille seul, on réalise qu’on a bien vécu, qu’on a bien profité mais qu’on n’a plus 25 ans et qu’on n’a pas du tout avancé dans notre Private life. I clocked the airing of season 4 in 2020 on M6, I followed all the casting protocol but the production didn’t find me a compatible enough woman to set up a date and marriage. I re-launched the show’s bands a year later, meanwhile, my dad took the initiative to sign up with me without telling me. It was very funny.
Pauline. – It started one evening when I wasn’t feeling well. I was home alone and the fact of seeing all these sweet stories in Married At First Sight made me want to try my luck. Production called me a year after I signed up, I wasn’t expecting it at all. My profile from the Season 5 crew has been saved! (Laughs.) I have a very busy job, I’m alone with my patients, I have little time to go out and a fairly small circle of friends. I didn’t get the chance to meet the right person.

Damien, in your photo, explains that you made the woman of your life too perfect…
Dr.. –
I was looking for an ideal woman, a fashion palette, an ambitious woman with responsibilities… I wanted her to check all the boxes I had put in my head. I was very demanding and in all my relationships I always found something wrong. But no one is perfect! In love, it was like a toilet: you alternate serious relationships with those who do not have a future. I lived twice under the same roof as a couple and it didn’t last. The first time, I was with someone so jealous and possessive, I left. The second time around, I felt like I was cheated.
s – I’ve had many relationships, but none of them lasted long. I was with men who didn’t want to commit, and before Damien, I had never lived with anyone. She was the first to share my life with the person I love. I’ve always worked a lot and everyone I met wasn’t the timing right. In the past, I haven’t been so good with my skin. I took a step back, affirmed myself and was no longer afraid to say the things I had in mind.

“We’re still discovering a lot of differences, especially with regard to some tastes”

Damien from Season 6 of “Married at First Sight”

You live a few kilometers from each other, near Vitrolis, do you think you’ve ever met “married at first sight”?
s –
We crossed paths, that’s for sure! But without paying attention to each other. I think if we talked to each other that day, four years ago, it might not have worked out…
Dr.. – We asked ourselves the question very quickly, especially since many of our relatives had already seen and talked about each other during the party. With Pauline, we never really noticed each other but we know we’ve already met on many occasions. Especially when she went to my workplace, to my auto dealership to buy her BMW, she had to deal with another consultant. My mother had already met her since she came to treat the patients who lived on her street.

Since you met in Gibraltar, your love story seems perfect and without the slightest wave. Were you able to identify your incompatibility at 23%?
Dr.. –
It is true that we can think that 77% compatibility is not enough given the way our relationship works. But we still discover a lot of differences, especially with regard to some tastes. We can’t watch TV together because we don’t like the same shows. At least in terms of cinema, I like action and horror films, while Pauline doesn’t. She loves to live with pets, she has three cats, while, although I love animals, I have never had one. And I am very organized, while Pauline is more measured.
s – We’re not watching the same series: Damien will love Marvel, science fiction, etc. I hate all this! I prefer a series like cartelOr Spanish or Mexican productions.

“At the time, I didn’t think I’d experienced love at first sight, but seeing the pictures, it looks a lot similar”

Pauline from Season 6 of “Married at First Sight”

Damien, you’re a car sales professional, how could a new Jaguar break down like you did right after the wedding?
Dr.. –
Quite simply because it was not necessary to choose a Jaguar but to take a BMW! (laughs) In real life, I was called the black cat and the production was able to realize that during filming. Even a new car can’t resist it. But I was in a state of mind where I wanted to do everything to make it work and to make my wife feel her best. Our adventures allowed us to take the time to get to know each other better. The first 48 hours, we had to sleep for 30 minutes because of all our little adventures.
s – All these spoiled adventures brought us close, we took it as a joke, even if we were exhausted at the end. This strengthened the spouses, supported each other without losing our good mood.

How did you imagine your meeting, your marriage, and your wedding night?
s –
I don’t want to have negative thoughts. I told myself that we would only give the positive things to me to have a great experience. Everything I experienced was great. My whole family embarked on the experience with infectious enthusiasm, everyone was happy. I wanted to let myself get carried away by the events without getting caught. With Damien, we immediately loved each other and our families too. At the time, I didn’t think I’d experienced love at first sight, but seeing the pictures, it looks pretty much the same. We both need love in our lives.
Dr.. – I was convinced that the production would make me meet someone who suits me. Even if I wasn’t intrigued at first glance, I would have said yes to marriage. I focused a lot on the material side of my past relationships and wanted to give importance to all the values ​​that allow you to move forward in life together. Once I got married, I wish I could kiss my wife after I said yes. For the wedding night, I asked myself a lot of questions: How would she react if I didn’t do something, do you think I don’t like her? I didn’t plan on not being able to sleep with her, but the most important thing was, no matter what, to respect her wishes. Finally, everything went well with Pauline, it was perfect.

Damien, your sister expressed her doubts on the evening of the wedding, is she now completely reassured?
Dr.. –
It was very fast. You have to understand that our marriage is outside the traditional framework and I think my sister tends to idealize me. I found it unfortunate to go in this mode of meeting to find the woman of my life, and I felt I didn’t need her. Pauline does not resemble my previous relationships and her first reaction was to think that she did not get along with me. But she soon realized that she was wrong.

What is your mood at the end of the evaluation in front of the “Married at First Sight” experts?
s – Thinking ahead, our first project is to buy a joint house. We kept our enthusiasm. A child project…
Dr.. – Our first desire is to find a home, shared housing. At that time, we each had a place of residence and either we went to one or the other. Finally, especially at Pauline because it was more practical in terms of our work. The logical consequence of our marriage is the creation of a family. Without any pressure from our loved ones, we have a common desire to have children.

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