Christina Cordola: These 3 Pink Looks You Should Wear to Be Trendy During Summer 2022!

Christina Cordola: These 3 Pink Looks You Should Wear to Be Trendy During Summer 2022!

Pink is one of the trending colors of summer 2022. Discover 3 look ideas recommended by Christina Cordola!

Very feminine and trendy, pink is one of those colors that are tearing up in 2022. Big brands feel free to offer us different models in this shade.

But the big question is: How do you adopt this color on a daily basis? And on top of all that, what pieces should you embrace to be at the forefront of the 2022 trend? Christina Cordola answers us with 3 ideas to totally try this summer!

Christina Cordola: An all-pink look in a skirt!

Pinkie follower, you won’t be disappointed when you discover this video that Christina Cordola posted just a few days ago. In fact, what’s better than an overall pink look to set the tone for this period? The M6 ​​presenter decided to reveal a collection that could not but delight fashionistas! And that’s more because it’s a very easy-to-shop piece.

This first look has the top, Off-the-shoulder flowy shirt by Christina Cordola. An ultra-modern style that the introduction of the M6 ​​decided to enhance by layering pants into her pants. What puts it more on trend this year and enhances the shapes. The long sleeves of this shirt by Claudie Pirlo will keep you warm on chilly evenings.

As for the bottom part of her all-pink look, Christina Cordola chose Long ruffled skirt. The latter is flared enough to give you better comfort and portability as much as you want. From Paule Ka brand, you won’t be disappointed with their craftsmanship details that make them more glamorous than ever! It is also a piece that can be worn all year round.

While it is possible for Christina Cordola to be inspired as a whole, it is entirely possibleAdd a touch of originality to this outfit. On the shoe side, you won’t be disappointed to know that it can be worn with high heels as with a pair of flat sandals. it’s your choice !

Two casual styles all in pink

The least we can say is that Christina Cordola knows how to play with colour. One of her looks also lets us learn how to wear pink in other colors. An association that may seem difficult to achieve if you are not a connoisseur. Then the photo advisor picked a jacket that would keep you warm during this time when the climate is still quite volatile. His graphic styles will also be at the top of the trend.

Then she chose Christina Cordola Long flowing pink skirt Which complements everything perfectly. Which gives a touch of femininity to a boyish look at times. Moreover, the presenter of “Les Reines du Shopping” chose a pair of silver tennis shoes that are nothing more than the comfort of her outfit.

The second casual look consists of Christina Cordola’s “pink” choice above all else of a petite fuchsia pink shirt. A bold and original choice of color that perfectly accentuates the complexion. To protect herself from the cold, the latter opted for a long, colorful and plaid cardigan.

The bottom of Christina Cordola’s outfit is nothing butHigh-waisted straight pants. In army green, the latter would be a plus for this type of look. It must be said that the full pink look is not for everyone. But thanks to this contrast, your outfit can be much more interesting.

Test the look of Christina Cordola’s all-pink pants!

You’re not too sloppy but dreamed of trying the full pink look? May Christina Cordola’s latest looks inspire you! This outfit might think of a jumpsuit so that the colors are very close. However, her head is Blouse with ruffles at the wrist. Vintage style will not go unnoticed by fashionistas!

As for his pants, they are a Straight High Waist Model It is decorated with pincers. This time, the pants are chosen to accentuate the shape of the wearer. A real inspiration to add a little pink to your wardrobe at the start of summer!

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