Moderator: The critic is not really possessed

Moderator: The critic is not really possessed

Shaman in complete privacy

average He marries documentary icons to portray fantastic elements. Great idea that allows it To establish what is supernatural in reality and what is tangible, with sudden movements and zooming in/out that gives the impression that the photos were taken instantly. An enhanced (and less questionable) version of American Ghostbuster shows, this time horror pollutes reality over the course of more than 2 hours and 10 feature films.

Journey to an unknown land

Unfortunately, this beautiful concept is quickly tainted by strange reactions from the characters, especially when the paparazzi sometimes remain surprisingly rigid to properly frame a threat that anyone would have escaped. One detail among others that gently tickles the suspension of disbelief, but above all we must realize it From a device that is not always well digested which stifles rather than glorifies spectator participation.

Collusion with the audience could have experienced an increased rapprochement with the main characters. Unfortunately, emotional moments are either filmed from afar, or intruded by the operator’s voyeurism, Thus reducing the possibility of holding on to the feelings of the characters. Then the satirical film stifles the sympathy of the spectators, a hook that nevertheless wants to be necessary in the horrific process average.

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This happened near you

In fact, the film directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun was not sold as a fun carnage game that would spread the bravery of its heroes over the entirety of its story, quite the contrary. average He likes to accompany his characters and evoke feelings and gradual tension about owning a young mink. Alas, between the somewhat disconcerting looks of the camera, the obnoxious black vomit and the small animal that the haunted man tasted happily, The codes of the movie Exorcism are applied in a very wise and somewhat methodical way.

These already-seen codes lose their effect, as well as their painstakingly executed, as evidenced by the long trailer for Mink’s dark side that leads to the second part of the movie where the character loots his mother’s house every night. The film’s narrative extends into repetitionthus exhausting the terrifying power of these various influences.

picturetower of terror

Moreover, by evasively walking around in the footsteps of the deceased brother, or by not explaining why certain characters are possessed and not others, average Spread myths that sometimes seem a bit random, even incoherent. Not that over-interpretation is an end in itself, quite the contrary, however, the ambiguity of the shamanic process in the film still limits the immersion of the viewer.

However, this unequal fixation of its myths leads to a chaotic climax where the fact that the exact origins of the threat are not known makes it all the more troubling. The antagonists proliferate and the pieces agitate in an alternating, tense and stimulating montage. A horrific party brings to life the horrific content of averageAnd the Providing the much-anticipated and hard-earned suspense so far.

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family matter

In short, good for evil, especially since this asymmetric depiction of the shamanic process does not seem to be explained solely by the folly of the book’s authors. average. In addition to the introductory dialogue that is immediately reminiscent of the elusive nature of spirits, the gradual loss of control over the shaman-min seems to testify to a certain difficulty in absorbing and understanding this type of spirituality. movie heroes Themselves find it difficult to understand the workings of their own universe.

This loss of reference leads to a very beautiful final sequence in which the hero confides to the film crew in fear of exposing her existence to something she didn’t really understand. A shaman doubts and is confronted by another who doesn’t hesitate to welcome any party just because To earn a livingnot to mention the brother who was about to leave the family home with the slightest threat: Characters average Complicated and characterized in a rather crude way.

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This gallery of characters gives a little body and intensity to the writing of the movie. It is illustrated by the journey of Noi, the sister of the protagonist, who sacrificed the latter’s fate so as not to become a shaman. Once her daughter is in danger, she will seek help from her sister, despite their differences. Not becoming the most influential character in the movie, A mysterious character but a terrible human Whoever escapes from shamanism and its consequences are like a curse.

Spirituality is not a talent averagehe is A heavy and unstable legacy consumes characters and turns them against each other. Fighting his legacy or reluctantly marrying him, the feature film directed by Pangong Bisanthanakon poses a black and tragic existential problem, a testament to his true sensitive potential.

The Medium is available on VOD since June 15, 2022 and since June 22 on DVD and Blu-ray

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