‘After brain surgery’: Vianney reveals heartbreaking message, ouch!

Viani is a famous artist in France since his entry into the world of music. If he is very popular on French soil, it is not only because he has a beautiful voice, but also because he has a beautiful character.

A star with a big heart

On Saturday, June 11, 2022, the musician once again made the gesture that could make us appreciate him even more. On that day, writer Eric Naulo sent a message to the translator of “Beau-papa” on his Twitter account. In this message, the host revealed that one of Viani’s fans, who responded to the name Lisa, had just undergone brain surgery, and thus “her word was locked in her body.”

He goes on to reveal that “Warrior” Lisa can “explode with joy” when her favorite singer, who is none other than The Voice’s coach, meets her. It didn’t take long for Vianney to respond to Eric Naulo’s letter. The singer wrote in response to the host’s tweet:

“Dear Eric, I received the letter, we are organizing this with great joy. »

A response indicates that a meeting between Lisa and her idol may take place very soon. No doubt this will satisfy this fan.

He reveals himself as a father

While everything is going well in Vianney’s music career, so is the singer’s private life. In fact, the handsome brunette has been sharing his life alongside Catherine Robert for several years and the least we can say is that the young woman fills him with happiness. Because in addition to giving him her love, this also made him know the taste of being a father.

In fact, since October 2021, the musician has been the father of a little “man” whose identity we still don’t know. And although he is very conservative about his first child, Vianney still makes an exception from time to time to the delight of his fans. This is in particular what the singer did on June 12, 2022 by sharing his daily life with us as a father.

In fact, the young man posted a video of him on Instagram in the back of the car. In particular, we can see in the photos a car seat where we can see agitated little hands, which definitely belong to his son. Close to the baby, Vianney with a guitar wanted to sing a song we all know to the baby. It is the song “Ah Crocodile” that is far from entering the singer’s repertoire.

“Not sure if I’ll ever be on Skyrock with that…have a nice day, friends!” he wrote as a caption to the video.

netizen feedback

Of course, the hearts of Vianney fans couldn’t help but melt when they saw this new post of the singer with a baby. In the comments to the post, many of them shared their reaction to their idol’s video.

“I love him,” “Ultimate kindness,” or even “He’s so lucky this kid,” these are the messages of netizens at the bottom of the singer’s post.

There is no doubt that this is the happiest manager involved. Moreover, long before the birth of his son, Vianney was already able to get a taste of fatherhood. In fact, like his wife, Catherine Robert is already the mother of a daughter born from a previous relationship, so the musician raised the girl as his child. As you may have guessed, he wrote to his daughter-in-law his famous song “Beau-papa”.

On the set of “Go, come on, I’ll take you…in the Carpenter years,” he said a title speaking of his situation, “A child’s love is not for him.” Vianney never thought of “developing” affection for a child from his partner, however, that’s what happened!

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