"Lightyear": Xavier Dolan on the sound of the buzz

“Lightyear”: Xavier Dolan on the sound of the buzz

For more than twelve years, the name Xavier Dolan has been, for most moviegoers, synonymous with an illustrious screenwriter and director. addresses I killed my motherAnd the Tom on the farm and others Mom, Among other things, a parade. However, before this early career as a filmmaker, there was already an actor, but also the profession of an idiot: a profession that the main party never abandoned. These days, it embodied in the French version of Light year Beloved astronaut Buzz Lightyear as he appears in the movies Toy Story (Toy Story): Brilliant decade, Xavier Dolan agrees.

I discovered the first two Toy Story When I was a kid in the cinema with my parents and friends; At six and then at ten. The third, I was an adult, but these are films that I discovered with tremendous enthusiasm and astonishment. I loved seeing the characters develop, but I also loved the art of Pixar. Interpreting a character from this universe is a big dream. »

What makes it special Light year, is that we are dealing with a different version of the character as well as a distinct narrative context. Even in English, after Tim Allen lent his voice to Buzz, Chris Evans took over. At home, Xavier Dolan succeeds Mario Desmarais.

For the record, Xavier Dolan dubbed Rupert Grint, alias Ron Weasley, among others, in alterations Harry Potterand Taylor Lautner in the series twilight. He is also, in Quebec, the official voice of Timothée Chalamet (Call me by your nameAnd the Dune).

Animated movie or not, Xavier Dolan had to honor the voice-over interpretation created by Chris Evans.

“I know his work very well. I’ve seen all the MCU movies [Univers cinématographique Marvel] And Captain America is a token. in Light yearExplores a more comical and more flopped record. It was nice to try imitation; A stimulating blend of beautiful nuances. In dubbing, creative licenses are limited. We hear someone say something in English and our job is to give it back in French to the best of us, in the nuances of our culture, without taking over anything other than humanity and character. It’s not up to us to decide the story. The voice actor’s career takes place in the shadows, but also in humility. »

“Awesome lab”

Specifically, Xavier Dolan is a respected and award-winning filmmaker with a lot of projects (he is in full post production for the mini-series The night Laurier Joudault woke up, based on the play by Michel-Marc Bouchard). He continues to act as a representative for other filmmakers, as in It’s: Chapter 2 (It’s: Chapter 2) or erased boy (erase the boy) … This crafts, unlike the profession of a voice actor, on the light. But it is clear that Xavier Dolan found his account there.

“It brings me so much. It nourishes me and allows me to grow as an artist. I love to observe. When I describe him as an actor, I watch him play, I absorb… It is an exceptional showcase for the work of all kinds of performers: not only the person I dubbed, but those around me, not to mention the artisans from the films.” which I see work in. It allows me to dissect films; it is a wonderful lab.”

Obviously we can’t ignore an element Light year Which caused a lot of talk. It is reported that in March, Disney employees denounced the withdrawal of a kiss between two same-sex characters in the film. Disney claimed responsibility and not only brought back this clip, but also strongly criticized the “Don’t Say Like Me” policy issued in Florida, its capital. Is this the kind of commitment that appeals to Xavier Dolan, a leading filmmaker in the LGBTQ+ community?

Absolutely! Expandedly! When I discovered this kiss between Buzz’s best friend and her husband, I was so moved. We haven’t yet followed the adventures of a gay Disney hero, but for me, with that kiss, a wall collapsed. I saw in quick motion all my childhood moments when I searched for myself without Feasibility on screen, as a gay boy. I think that for today’s children, seeing this kiss allows them to incorporate the idea of ​​normality; it is a normalization of something that is not yet ubiquitous, far from it. The moment of the kiss is not presented with a fist in the air, as a claim: it It is done tenderly, as same-sex love must be shown to young children. In short, it increases my pride to be associated with the film.”

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