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Urgent: The world of music is in mourning today, a great loss unveiled.

Pierre Papadiamandez passed away at the age of 85. He has been the author of many songs by his friend, songwriter and singer Eddie Mitchell for nearly fifty-five years.

When we work together, he also tells us, that we are always like children, excited. As long as he gives me what I want and I give him what he wants, why would he change!

Over 150 songs and twenty five albums

From album to album, he allows himself only one or two more collaborations to open. As is the case with Kalogero on the last album.

But Pierre Papademandes was the author of his life. He has appeared on nearly every Eddie Mitchell recording since his seventh studio album alone in 1966.

Their collaboration was preceded by this, with the French-Greek pianist and composer accompanying Eddie on stage for two years before I showed him the melody I had forgotten to forget. This was the debut of more than 150 songs together on about twenty-five albums.

Papadiamandez also composed That Marianne Was Beautiful To Michelle Delbach. He has also worked with Ray Charles, Francoise Hardy, Celine Dion and Grace Jones.

Matt Pierre Papadiamandez

We were hoping to find them in December for a joint interview: star Eddie Mitchell, backstage guy Pierre Papadiamandez. But the news was already not good for the singer’s favorite composer, who died Tuesday, March 22nd at the age of 85, in a Paris hospital.

Without Pierre Papadiamandez, there is no Eddie, without Papadiamandes notes, there are no songs for Mitchell. Together they wrote nearly 200 songs and dozens of classics: Couleur mint à l’eau, The Last Session, The Cemetery of the Elephants, M’man. It is impossible to name all of them since 1964.

Their meeting harkens back to the solo debut of Eddy Mitchell, who had just left the Black Socks and was looking for a pianist for his group. It was my saxophone that introduced me to Pierre Papadiamandez, the singer told us a few months ago.

At the time, rocker and he were two different things. Pierre Papadiamandez confirms: I studied jazz and classical, which is my favorite music. But, of all rockers, Eddie was my favorite singer even before I met him, adds the musician of Greek descent, born in Paris and raised in Nogent-sur-Marne (Val de Marne), who started playing the piano at the age of 5.

Pierre Papadiamandez is my brother

Eddie Mitchell remembers his filthy dog ​​perfectly. A dachshund was eating my shirts. His name was Titus. Also, Pierre Papadimandes was so conservative that it took two years for the tune to come out. I forgot to forget, it was our first song in 1966 and it’s still my favourite.

There was a lot until the final tracks for Eddie Mitchell’s latest album, Country Rock, released at the end of 2021, which includes a tribute to his friend Johnny Hallyday, A Little Love. Pierre Papadimandes’ ability to renew himself all the time still amazes me, Eddy admits. Johnny’s song, for example, has a beautiful, simple and touching melody. It took two years to find the lyrics.

Their common label? Music comes first. I create it first and he takes care of the words, Papadimandis sums up. We still work the same way today. I need a carrot to write it, Mitchell adds. I don’t have texts beforehand. The cinematic music of Pierre Papadiamandez brings me images and emotions. I still work on tape, the old-fashioned way. The sound isn’t terrible, but you can move the bar forward or backward.

Pierre Papadiamandez

The work of the craftsmen that has not changed over time is like their friendship, Selim. Pierre Papadiamandez is my brother, sums up Eddie. His wife, Anouk, is the godmother of my eldest daughter, Marilyn. We always helped each other through difficult times, like my divorce. We never argued.

Pierre Papadiamandez committed some betrayals to Eddie to go to work for Michel Delbach (she was pretty in Que Marianne), Dick Rivers, Françoise Hardy, Celine Dion, Grace Jones or Ray Charles, but he soon found his old friend. I’d never think of an album without it, that’s what Mitchell concluded during our last interview. We always want and need to work. It motivates us, we don’t see time pass. Without Pierre, I would not have made this career.

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