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In a time of immaterial buying and reading, should students rediscover the joy of libraries, and thus the pleasure of the book itself? This is the meaning of the “Youth in Libraries” program that Claire Tastette participated in with her first graders at Jacques Vaucanson High School in Tours. Besides the school trip, the project addresses many topics: the word of power in cultural matters, the vitality of contemporary literature, the “slumber” of books to be awakened … and calls for the publication of several activities: meeting with Quebec writer Michel Jean, video conference with a publisher Creative writing on the importance of the body and the place of reading..Have we freed the book from the power of school imprisonment? The Claire Tastit story for a unique and inspiring project…

Class project in the humanities, literature and first philosophy

“This year, my class and I participated in the “Youth in Libraries” program run by the Ministry of National Education and by the Ciclic Center-Val de Loire, the regional agency for books and pictures. I had proposed to nominate my first group in the humanities, literature and philosophy in September.

The system offers a three-step framework: a meeting with a partner bookseller, a visit to a library (students with a voucher of €30 per student, 10 of which are paid by the institution, to be used during this exit) and possibly an additional share (not given to us). This device has something to tempt because we see it as a flexible framework that the teacher will not find difficult to turn into a project by adapting it to the goals of his class and including it in the programmes. This is what I enjoyed doing and the project grew as the year and its concept progressed: from meeting with the bookseller, becoming meetings with book dealers.

Chapter 1: The Bookseller Comes to Us (February 2022)

The partner library is an independent and unique library in Tours, the city where my high school is located. Indeed, the bookshop “Le Livre” specializes in the humanities, art, and literature, and the background it possesses is very large and is the subject of a choice thought up and assumed by its owner, Laurent Everard. Some of the works, although at the helm of the gondolas in collective libraries, will not exist. Moreover, there are no gondolas, but tables… and above all there are no banners.

Several exchanges with Laurent Evrard, very available, fueled the preparation for the visit. I wanted to include this first meeting (in February) in the study topic for the first semester: “Speech Powers”. So we chose to tackle the following problem: from the public library (including CDI) to the private library. It is about seeing how the library can build the word authority around the book and questioning the echo of the word bookseller: a word of authority or a word of seduction?

Laurent Evrard, during his visit to the school, gave the students individual and rare books to make them aware of both the contemporary creative dynamism and what he calls “cultural things”. Several other concepts are mentioned such as “stillness” (reinvested by some students in the context of the French course when Olympe de Gouges’ work was discussed) but also the commitment of the body and the importance of place in the practice of reading (a reflection that arose from the images from the reading book by André Curtis ).

On this last point I choose to bounce by introducing students to create short texts about their bodies commitment and the impact of the game-inspired #Lieuxdelecture suggested by my Twitter colleague Grégory Devin.

Chapter Two: Library Visit (March 2022)

One of the highlights of this project was a visit to the library. In addition to the excitement of the school outing (but not far, in our case 15 minutes by tram), it is not important to say that it constitutes a common experience for a group whose pupils train on their shoulders for 4 hours a week, the reality of high school reform.

The group of 27 students was divided into two parts, requiring geography of places. Under the supervision of a teacher and a bookseller, they in turn were able to discuss the organization of the space and background and explore the building by allowing themselves to be tempted by the books they liked. I did not voluntarily give any purchase instructions. It seemed to me contrary to our enterprise to give an indicative list of purchases.

In fact, this second stage is designed to clarify both the topic of study for the first semester and that of the second semester “Representations of the World”. So my goal was can’t match the shopping list:

– Get your directions at the library

Books: Discovering, describing and imagining the world and multiculturalism.

Finally, the project was naturally part of an active mentorship process: How does one become a bookseller?

Student purchases were very diverse and very individual, from psychoanalytic articles to Japanese poetry.

Chapter Three – When a Famous Quebec Author Chooses to Come and Meet Us (April 2022)

The project could have stopped there. Anyway, the funding stopped there. He was thinking of the idea of ​​having students read Michel Jean’s novel, Kukum, as a contemporary start to our thinking about “discovering worlds and multiculturalism”. Rich in the experience I had last year with Michel Jean, I had planned to offer him a video hosting, I know his great generosity.

Imagine what my surprise was when the Association of Turin Quebec announced the arrival of Michel Jean on tour in France for the France Quebec Prize! For us, the journalist, Innu-Quebecois novelist and multi-award winning, rounded out Turin. For us, the association funded the meeting.

In order to prepare the questions and facilitate the assignment of work (which should be done in record time), the students designed a Museum of Important Objects based on the novel: an opportunity to reflect on the culture but also of the concept of collecting (echoing the programme).

The meeting was another highlight of our project: multiculturalism is no longer a subject of study but a collective life experience.

Chapter Four: The Editor (May 2022)

All this project was met with the enthusiasm of the students, and it seemed to me that it should continue, to make it a common thread for this year. It also seemed to me that there was a blind spot in the reflection made on the book trade: the job of the publisher.

So I got in touch with Amaury Levillayer, the publisher of the very cool Dépaysage publishing house, which publishes Michel Jean in France. Agree to answer the students’ questions. So the students were able to exchange for an hour with the publisher via video: professional background, occupation, economic conditions, but also and above all, the selection of the original authors to publish was at the center of the discussions.

Chapter Five: Canceled Because It’s Not a Tragedy!

Rich exchanges, the project was also a very moving, amazing human experience for the pupils whose assessments for the year reveal the unforgettable character of the project. The framework proposed by Young People in Libraries has been largely overwhelmed by our mutual desires to reach each other, meet across generations, and across borders. »

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