Buzz Lightyear: Pixar crash review

Buzz Lightyear: Pixar crash review


After denying the existence of the series Buzz Lightyear Adventures Aired in 2000, Disney and Pixar have gone to great lengths to introduce audiences to the real-life space keeper Buzz who is believed to have been at the start of the first episode. Toy Story. So the movie is a new derivative product Toy Story which justifies its existence by wanting to justify Buzz’s existence as a derivative product. This mise en abyme, however, is required You betray the epic moviestarting with his most realistic star captain.

What a really frustrated inquisitive character

What partially sets Buzz apart in the first Toy Story It was the fact that he thought he was a real space ranger on a mission for Star Command, not knowing it was a simple, hinged piece of plastic. It was this contrast between his excessive enthusiasm and his simple status as a playful game and made him instantly likable and sympathetic. in lightning buzzRanger is still stubborn, ambitious and solemn, but His delirious personality has been tempered to play the role of a popular superhero. But he inevitably suffers from the comparison with his battery-powered counterpart: he fights a little, is less playful and dynamic and does not perform unreasonably stunts.

It makes a new echo A perplexing and somewhat unpopular main character With his disproportionate ego and toughness, to the point that it’s hard to imagine him causing the hysteria of 8-10 year olds as it was with Andy and many other kids (the toy ran out in 1995 as the minute Barbie. In Toy Story 2).

Buzz Lightyear: Photo“I don’t call it smashed, I call it smashed with skill”

The film also had to rethink Zurg’s character, as Buzz’s father couldn’t be far from a parody of Empire strikes in Toy Story 2. This time he had to find a real place as an antagonist in the story, a real threat in the eyes of the audience, and simply be Less narrative than in the second part of the franchise.

If he doesn’t have Darth Vader’s aura, the new version of Zurg – and in particular his hidden identity – nonetheless allows the two characters to belong and make this archenemy The embodiment of the loneliness, guilt, and obsessive behavior that stands in the way of Buzz. And so this character revisit is of particular interest, as you fail to make sense of the rest of the franchise or to be impressive as a big bad guy.

Buzz Lightyear: PhotoBuzz Lightyear to the Rescue

In a galaxy far away

After accurate sci-fi shows – underestimated treasure planetAnd the Possible Lilo and Stitch or miserable Wall-E Disney and Pixar host their first real big sci-fi show. Like the fictional universe of Buzz in Toy Story Borrowed heavily from Star Wars, the film happily indulges in classic SF visuals and concepts, star Wars to me Star Trek passing by Interstellar or alien : Giant insects, crawling plants, light swords and explosives, increased speed or even time dilation which is also a metaphor for the fact that Buzz is meeting a new generation of fans.

The movie that was supposed to have been released in 1995, it resumes A popular retro futuristic aesthetic Like a massive spherical spaceship, meal trays, old computer equipment, smart robots, or all kinds of gadgets like the Super Nintendo cartridge-like autopilot.

Buzz Lightyear: PhotoHyperspace excessive

Most lightning buzz He applies himself a lot to pastiche hinting that he He forgets to develop his own images and be more unique. The film offers nothing original and does not risk finding its own specificity, not even in the soundtrack composed by Michael Giacchino, who explained in an interview that his findings “A mixture of all the soap operas and soap operas that… [il a] Senior. This is it Star Trekhe is star Warshe is AliensIt’s all mixed up [..]“.

This first part, which is unsurprisingly a sequel, is also against epic. The story takes place on one planet and features a few spacewalks, which keep your feet on the ground more often than your brains are in the stars – so Viewer can share Buzz frustration and Easy delusions about intergalactic travel.

Therefore, the film has difficulty becoming self-sufficient, and the contours of the universe remain very mysterious due to the lack of context for Buzz’s mission, his identity, his war exploits (other than a quick reference to the process) or even Famous space rangers whose role is not clearly defined. Even the Star Command entity is completely hidden, and was mentioned several times, but its ghost was still elusive at the moment.

Buzz Lightyear: PhotoAfter Woody without his hat, Buzz without the suit

Pixar provided, a priori, only the buildings of its own universe, with The intention is to fill in the gaps in the story later. This sequel, if it actually sees the light of day, can thus correct inconsistencies in the movie – particularly the fact that Andy’s Buzz is equipped at the end of the movie, particularly the wings and laser shield. Meanwhile, it appears that Zurg is not yet known as “The Notorious Emperor Zurg”. His coronation could thus be at the heart of the sequel or serve as a stepping stone to making Zurg a major intergalactic threat.

Just hoping the movie won’t cement the similarities to Star Wars (which would be boring and not particularly interesting) and find its own way, to infinity and beyond, if that’s not too much to ask for.

Buzz Lightyear: PhotoIt is said that Yoda hangs out

Engine failure

For its return to theaters, Pixar wanted to impress with impeccable animation and artistic direction. But while the movie is once again a visual gem, in the end it doesn’t have much excitement to offer other than clever fan service that picks up a few lines, including The beginning of the movie that brings back Buzz in the first Toy Story And it puts at the center of the scenario the elements mentioned by the game, such as a ship crash on a hostile planet, a sudden burst of drowsiness or hyper-drowsiness.

The movie also shows the guards in their bedroom, which is reminiscent of the scene in Toy Story 2 Where Buzz discovers all of his mates sleeping in their trunk and arranges them in the big section of the toy farm. Finally, the script also shifts the line” to infinity and beyond into a kind of collective mantra with the most dramatic meaning. generally, The movie is more melodramatic From the animated series since it’s seen as a generic movie rather than a simple Saturday morning cartoon.

Buzz Lightyear: PhotoNew Mira, XR and Booster

The movie also turns out More mechanical and less creative More from Pixar movies like vice versaAnd the spirit or even Toy Storybut also less sensitive and emotional than modern ones Luca and others red alert which nevertheless follows the intrigues of equally remarkable. Transcend Emotion sequence that retraces a character’s life, especially his family life, with a rhythm and editing close to a sequence therebut the emotional impact weaker.

After the middle of the feature film, the scenario becomes more general and predictable using His hero in search of redemption and his broken arm band Who wants to prove himself and struggles to exist independently of Buzz. Therefore, the movie is a more difficult subject to understand than before since it is one of the Pixars least similar to Pixar (along with the rebel or Arlo’s Journey). However, he manages to arouse interest, or at least curiosity, for this universe that is only asking to be expanded and its character.

Buzz Lightyear: French Poster

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