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Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 08:55

’80s Success, Surplus, Drummer Who Lost an Arm: Def Leppard, the glam metal group’s soft branch of the genre, shows improbable longevity and always sees itself “until 2035,” as their leader Joe Elliott declared.

“Farewell tours aren’t for us, I was joking that Scorpions have been doing this for 14 years, and we still have new songs!” through Paris.

“We’ll definitely reach the end of the adventure someday, but I don’t know when and I don’t know why we won’t go until 2035, when we’ll be about the same age as the Rolling Stones today,” still shoots sexagenarian hair, shoulder length platinum and smoky blue-lens glasses, 16 years younger From Mick Jagger.

Attitude that can pass in order to show off. Except that Def Leopard (the name derives from “Deaf Leopard” and “Deaf Leopard” in English) topped the US rock chart with his twelfth album, “Diamond Star Halos”. And that the formation knew everything and conquered everything.

Like the death of guitarist Steve Clark, 30, in the early 1990s, the victim of a deadly combination of alcohol and drugs. Like the car accident in which drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in the ’80s, when the band was on the rise.

– reference to T.Rex –

While others left him by the wayside, Def Leppard gave this musician time to develop new technique, with proper drumming, to carry on with him. Today, Rick Allen visits the fitness centers of combat-wounded soldiers to share his experience.

Def Leppard will be partnering with him on a tour of the USA and Canada running from mid-June to September, sharing a joint ticket with veterans of leather and nail art, such as Motley Crue, Poissons, Joan Jett and Black Hearts.

The quintet surprised everyone with this new album created remotely during the pandemic when its members are living of retirement age in three different countries and no record company has placed an order.

The title “Diamond Star Halos” is a nod to T.Rex (words from “Get It On”) and the group increasingly assumes glamorous rock influences unlike Iron Maiden, where they always dig the same groove, or Guns N’ Roses running behind their past glory.

– Boy pianist –

Def Leppard escapes the shadow of “Albatross + Hysteria +”, according to Elliot’s hilarious formula. He talks here about the success of this 1987 album, who became castrated over the years to his parents. “Now, we’re no longer comparing our songs to Hysteria+ songs and we’re no longer afraid to go back to our DNA, the artists we listened to when we were kids like Bowie or Elton John,” the singer says.

Mike Garson, the pianist who played with Bowie, also stars in “Diamond Star Halos”. Besides title tracks for US hard rock radios like “Kick,” tracks like “Goodbye For Good This Time” include piano, strings, and even a clip of flamenco guitar.

“At AC/DC, we don’t expect piano, but strength, with us all cocktails are allowed, this album is our declaration: we’re ready for the next decade,” emphasizes Elliott.

The singer was always ready to fight, anyway. “I remember touring Europe in the ’80s and ’90s, we were in San Sebastian in Spain, a spectator threw me a coin that opened the arch of my eyebrows, blood gushed out and I jumped into the audience to fight, what a memory!”

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