Solange (Louisiane Gouverneur) dans la «Clèves» de Rodolphe Tissot.

Books, Records & TV: Our Picks for the Week

She loves shepherdess, Finnish symphonies, country ballads, sensitive imaginations and the first steps of a queen: a cultural weekend will be romantic or it won’t.

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“Montroy Lovers” Alex Nightmare

Translated from German by Emanuel Güntzberger, Actes Sud, 179 pages, 22 euros.

A couple stuck in their car all night in the snow on an alpine road tries to pass the time with a good story. The love of cowboy Jack and farmer Mary, who are then separated and reunited by Princess Elizabeth, sister of Louis XVI, in 1789, will keep them up until dawn. A mischievous pastoral signed by the great Swiss writer Alex Nightmare. F.

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“The Life of Picasso” Brigitte Pinkmont

stock, 150 p. 20.50 euros.

Brigitte Pinkmont narrates the journey of Marie-Therese Walter, the Spanish artist’s least known. It implicitly explores the latter’s turbulent and complex relationship with women. Picasso’s life He gives an accurate description of the influence that the painter exerts on his inspirations, their mad passion, and the machine movement setting of the vampires in the service of the great work. LD. s.

“The Last”, by Hannah Jameson

Translated from the English by Noam Cochin, 384 pages, €21.90. Marabout / Black Lab

In “The Last,” Hannah Jameson blotted out life cards. The British novelist offers us a skilful and engaging blend of detective story and shocking thriller. With the final sanctuary on the day of the apocalypse, a hotel in Switzerland, where a crime was committed. The historian who stays there will somehow learn to survive while the investigation is conducted. s.

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« Jean Sibelius – Symphonies of Les Sabbaths. Tabula. Klaus Makela

Oslo Philharmonic, 4-CD set, Deca

No conductor has dared to record the Seven Symphonyes of Sibelius (1865-1957) when they were so young. But by the age of 26, Klaus Makela is already an accomplished artist, as this detailed and generous interpretation reminds us. From the post-romantic turmoil in the early works to the metallic intensity of the later work, Finn defends his countryman’s music with as much conviction as elegance. F.

“This is a picture,” Kevin Morby

One album, Dead Oceans

Folk rock singer, Kevin Morby has that little extra thing (impressive cadence, a bit of a pull on vocals) that brings him closer to superstars of the genre, like Kurt Weil. In “This is a Photograph” the artist learns of ghosts: the ghosts of his family, but also the ghosts of Memphis where he designed this album. From the character of his father, who died suddenly, to the character of Elvis and Jeff Buckley, a beautifully sensitive journey, skillfully orchestrated. F.

Kevin Morby, Wilco... This week's rock music pick.

Kevin Morby, Wilco… This week’s rock music pick.© d

“Cruel Country”, Wilcox

Single album, dBm recordings

Another big name in indie rock in action. The Chicago group, led by talented songwriter Jeff Tweedy, released their twelfth superb studio album. A gently baptized double album “Cruel Country”. Alternating between folk, rock, and pop, Wilco finally decided he had a country soul. In 21 titles with unstoppable tunes, he redraws the map of Americana without giving in to imitators or the old. F.


Irma Vape

About OCS

The company is original: Director Olivier Assayas chose to decline in his eponymous 1996 film series about an actress looking for an author. In place of Maggie Cheung, it was the highly persuasive Alicia Vikander (“Danish Girl,” “Ex Machina”) who explained the struggling star of playing blockbuster heroines who chose to shoot in Paris in the remake of “Vampires,” directed by René. The very unstable (the awesome and very funny Vincent McCain). A wonderful and fun dive into the world of authors’ cinema. pound


Art, June 10, 8:55 p.m.

In an alpine village, a teenager lives between a depressed mother and an often absent father. Discovering sex will not happen without hurt and disappointment. Taken from Marie Darusic’s autobiography, the seemingly fairy-tale apprenticeship story benefits from an impeccable cast (Louisian Gouverneur, Vincent Dinyard, Aymeric Fougeron, Sarah Socco) and the brilliance and sheer realism of Rudolph Tissot’s production. Aside from fantasy, on wire, beautiful and bold. pound

became Elizabeth


Historical soap operas are on the rise on the platforms and even more so when it comes to a young British Queen. Riding the wave, Starzplay introduces us to its teenage version of Elizabeth, her first name. We are sixteene A century ago, King Henry VIII has just died and the young princess will have to avoid being killed until she takes the throne at the age of 25. A modern, lively and amusing portrait of a queen in the making, performed by German actress Alicia von Rittberg.

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