Leave in the Books: Celebrating Children's Literature

Leave in the Books: Celebrating Children’s Literature

sThe user interface is better than Dogmatix, the cartoon mascot Asterix and Obelixcan embody the theme of this 8 e Edition of the Festival Partir en Livre: Friendship? It will guide readers of all ages through a constellation of projects organized under the auspices of CNL and mobilize all players in the book series, particularly booksellers and media librarians from cities and villages in France and overseas territories. -the sea. Free, open to all, sponsored by Christelle Dabos and Olivia Ruiz This year, Partir en Livre brings together and supports several thousand initiatives: meetings with authors, outdoor activities, immersive readings, art performances, illustration and writing workshops, comedy parties, exhibitions, literary radio stations, And book chases… A large number of these festivities will take place in the wake of the Livrodrome, whose director, Gauthier Morax, and programmer Chloe Marrow presented a “Square for Literature”. For a month, this literary amusement park will tour France in 10 stages – from Paris on June 22 to CNL, to the inauguration of Partir en Livre, in Marseille on July 22, via Liévin on June 24 and 25. June, Saint- Dié-des-Vosges on June 27, Toul on June 28, Mont-de-Marsan on July 5, Montpellier on July 8, Pamir on July 12, Bergerac on July 13, Saint-Étienne on July 19. These events, which aim to make reading attractive to young people from all walks of life, will allow them to meet around one hundred authors, including Timothée de Vumpel, Sylvain Patio, Eric Lum, Colin Peiri, Helen Lenoir and Muriel Zack. ..§

To discover the full program of Partir en Livre, go to the website www.partir-en-livre.fr

Reijin Hachondo: “You shouldn’t stop young readers”

voluntary. Reigen Hachondo, president of CNL.

the point : Why did the National Book Center (CNL) decide to invest specifically in children’s literature?

Reijin Hachondo: The youth sector is thriving, innovative, creative. And very dynamic: children’s picture books (albums, documentaries) accounted for 55% of sales in 2021. This year, after the President of the Republic declared that reading is a great national issue, we feel more responsible for this composition. We are convinced that young readers should not be prevented, taking books off the shelves.

Youth will not be left empty-handed…

We have been very keen to give them tangible access to reading, through the books we co-publish with different houses: little dinosaur friend, At the leisure school, Dogmatics and indomitablespublished by Albert Rene, and bourgeois man, in Flammarion Youth. An audiobook will also be presented to diversify the practices. 100,000 euros of reading tests will be distributed to children in partnership with McDonald’s.

They will go to young people from all over the territory. Is this another commitment to CNL?

we are very happy. Partir en Livre represents 4000 projects spread across France. 60% of it takes place in very small towns or on the outskirts of large cities. We are organizing 50 free summer camp stays for authors, created for kids who can’t afford to leave, and 860 writers and illustrators will attend!§ EL

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