The Maldivas Cast: Who stars in Netflix's Mystery?

The Maldivas Cast: Who stars in Netflix’s Mystery?

The new original series will keep you puzzled all the time. You’ll cling to the edge of your seat trying to figure out who is responsible for the sudden, horrific death. You will also be amazed by all the interesting relationships and drama between all these characters.

Want to know more about the actors in this new series? If so, read on to find out all about the cast the moldive Islands Netflix.

Actors and personalities of the Maldives

Natalia Klein: Veronica

Veronica She is a character who does not seek to integrate into a mass population the moldive Islands. She is described as an “exotic” who does not get along well with women in society for various reasons. As confirmed, we’re sure she’ll express her reasons for not wanting to be associated with the moldive Islands.

Outside of this role, Natalia Klein has starred in Fred e Lucy, Macho Man, and worked as a co-writer for the Matches series in 2020. Her next title, Situación Perrengue, will be available soon.

Sherwin Menezes: Risa

Risa She is one of the many residents of the Maldives. She is the wife of Cauã (Samuel Melo), the former lead singer of their band. Now that she and her husband have left their speakers behind, they live a very extravagant life in a Rio de Janeiro condominium.

In the past, famous Brazilian actress Chiron Menezes has starred in series like Ambitious Women, Lady Revolution and A Life Worth Living. She is ready to star in another great title called Carga Máxima.

For Samuel Melo, you can find this actor in The Power of Desire as Dario and Um Dia Qualquer as Robson.

Manu Javasi: Two miles

two miles She might just be the kind of woman Veronica can’t stand, especially since she’s the Queen Bee of the Maldives. In addition to her rule over apartments, she lives a flawless life with her flawless husband, Victor. However, her idyllic life may just be a facade.

the moldive Islands It is the last role of Manu Gavassi, but you have definitely seen this talented actress in TV shows and movies like Socorro and Virei uma Garota! and Z4. We wonder what projects she will play in the future!

Clipper Toledo: Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo is a famous plastic surgeon in his community. Along with his wife Milene, he is seen as someone with a life that many would kill. But, as he knows more than anyone, appearances are deceiving.

We find Klebber Toledo in many popular soap operas. From the good side of life! From the 2016 to 2017 science fiction series of formula to the 2018 drama Iron Island, Toledo did it all!

Carol Castro: Cat

On the surface, Kat is someone who is not easily trusted by others. Of course, she is a mother, but she is also the wife of Gustavo (Gilherme Winter), a man who is currently under house arrest. It’s not yet known why he’s serving his sentence, but whatever the case, we’re sure Kat has plenty of explaining to do.

Don’t worry, Carol Castro isn’t quite as suspicious as her character! On the contrary, he is a very well known person in the world of cinema, mainly because of his roles in Bang Bang, Pure Beauty, Crashing Into the Future and Insania.

Guilherme Winter is also a well-known actor. You find it starring Youssef in Egypt and desire.

Enzo Romani: Denilson

Denilson He is the talented detective responsible for assembling the puzzle pieces to solve this murder case. He is someone who will stop at nothing to accomplish his mission, even if it means merging with the Maldivian crowd and earning the trust of the people he would surely betray.

If you are very fond of Denilson, we are sure that you will feel the same about many other roles of Enzo Romani, this actor always puts in great performances. You can watch Romani on Call Me Bruna, Rock Story and his upcoming project No Mundo da Luna slated for 2023.

Miguel: Danilo Mesquita

Miguel She is the fiancée of the protagonist Liz. Like her, he’s from the countryside, so it’s possible that he’s also determined to find out who killed his stepmother in the future. In addition, Liz’s voice can be of reason when arrogant residents communicate with him.

Danilo Mesquita has starred in Rock Story, A Second Chance, and Once We Were Six. You can see him as Tito in the 2020 Ricos de Amor title.

Bruna Marquezine: Liz

Finally, our main character, Liz, is none other than Bruna Marquezine.

Liz uprooted her life in her hometown to settle in the Maldives. There, she hopes to reconnect with her mother, but when her mother’s death in a mysterious fire is revealed, she knows she’ll have to do more than just relax by the pool and sip My Tai – she has a mystery to be solved.

Unlike her character, Marquezin leads a rather quiet life. According to her Instagram – which has 42.9 million followers – she either travels the world in her designer clothes or bathes on the beach.

Don’t forget to follow Bruna Marquezine on Instagram and Twitter. Also keep an eye out for his upcoming projects, Conquest and Blue Beetle. In the meantime, check it out in the official Maldivas trailer below.

Find Bruna Marquezine, Enzo Romani, and the rest of the cast in the Maldivas, and they’re only streaming on Netflix.


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