Easy Pecan Pie

Ingredients :
°1 c sugar
°1/2 c  corn syrup
°1/2 c melt butter
°3 eggs, beat
°1 c pecan
°1 pie crust
*Methods :
Preheat oven 325°F (162°C). Blending sugar, syrup also melt butter. Adding eggs & pecans. Blending well. Pour to pie crust (which is on a pie pan). Cooking about 1 h. Freeze very well!
Enjoy !

3 thoughts on “Easy Pecan Pie

  1. on facebook page for the intro of this recipe, it says NO CORN SYRUP, but shows corn syrup here in recipe. what’s the deal?

  2. the intro for this recipe says NO CORN SYRUP, but in this recipe that was linked from Facebook, shows corn syrup, what’s the deal?

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